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Unleash your creativity

Create a vast variety of vehicles to explore the open world of Trailmakers, or compete with your friends for speed, durability or versatility. Luxury sports cars? Helicopters? Vehicles that transform from plane, to boat, to car? The choice is yours.

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Game Modes

Explore an alien planet and collect the parts you need to eventually escape it. Our campaign mode introduces you to the various types of vehicles the game is capable of making, and lets you explore different ways to use them.


Explore our two sandbox maps, filled to the brim with jumps, halfpipes, catapults, an aircraft carrier and even more crazy obstacles.Play the game however you want – do Zen and the Art of Building Whatever You Like, or challenge yourself and your friends to do any of a vast variety of stunts and races to prove that *your* creation is the best, fastest or strongest!

Learn the basics of building and piloting the various vehicles that can be made in Trailmakers in Rally mode, and then make a name for yourself on the global leaderboards against our community of Trailmakers. If you’re looking for more challenges, take a trip to scenic Race Island to truly prove your worth against the top racers in Trailmakers.


In the Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion you will take to the skies in an epic campaign to save the peaceful Chirpos from the pesky Robot Pirate invasion.

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High Seas Expansion

Take to the seas and dive headfirst into a new Trailmakers experience, with our completely revamped physics-based system for weather - the wind and waves in High Seas will challenge your skills like never before!

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    High Seas Expansion

    Q4 2021

    A completely new Wind, Weather & Waves physics system - get ready to experience new challenges in traversing the world in our biggest map to date!

    1.5 Decals Update

    Q3 2022

    Decals take the personalization of your vehicles to a whole new level, now live!


    Update 1.6 + Expansion

    TBA 2022/2023

    The next expansion to Trailmakers is version 1.6, slated for Q4 2022 / Q1 2023. It's still a secret, but you're going to love it!

    1.7 Update

    Q2 2023

    Some of the most requested features coming to Trailmakers. Stay tuned to our socials for further info!