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Unleash your creativity and create a vast variety of vehicles to explore the open world of Trailmakers, or compete with your friends for speed, durability or versatility. Luxury sports cars? Helicopters? Vehicles that transform from plane, to boat, to car? The choice is yours.

Trailmakers Deluxe Edition

Get the Trailmakers full experience. Includes Trailmakers base game and full supporter pack (Hat Pack, Skin Pack & Skin Pack 2). Enjoy the Stranded in Space campaign game mode, all our Sandbox maps to mess with your vehicles and all block skins + hats.


High Seas

Take to the seas and dive headfirst into a new Trailmakers experience, with our completely revamped physics-based system for weather - the wind and waves in High Seas will challenge your skills like never before!

Trailmakers Airborne Expansion


Welcome aboard, builders! Trailmakers Airborne Expansion introduces: biggest map in Trailmakers universe, new Campaign and Story, new Combat mechanics & Weapons, enemies (Air Pirates) and more!

Space Voyager Pack Trailmakers

Space Voyager Pack

Expand your space-experience with the Space Voyager Pack containing two functional blocks and a bunch of Sci-Fi looking cosmetic items for that genuine outer-space feel.

Rescue Pack Trailmakers

Rescue Pack

You’ve built cars, airplanes, spaceships, boats, and everything in between. Now get ready to be a hero with the new Trailmakers Rescue Pack. Dress the part of one of modern society’s everyday heroes.


Trailmakers Decals Expression Pack DLC

Decals Expression Pack

Releasing August 22! The Decal Expression Pack unlocks two new categories of decals with a total of 28 awesome decals. The Expression Pack is full of mouths and eyes, so now you can finally build that shark-toothed horse you have been dreaming of. Coming soon to consoles.

Trailmakers Decals Action Pack DLC


Releasing August 22! The Action Pack unlocks four new categories with a total of 50 awesome new decals. The Action Pack is full of everything from signs, bullet holes, racing stripes to aircraft dashboard dials. Coming soon to consoles.

Hat Pack

The Hat Pack contains 13 pieces of headwear for the characters in Trailmakers. If you purchase this pack, you will have those 13 headwear options available in the game, in addition to the 2 default ones. And thanks for your support!

Skin Pack

Unlock five new skins that can be applied to blocks in Trailmakers to alter their appearance: Camouflage, Brick, Wood, Glow and Metallic. It is still possible to change the colour of blocks that have these skins equipped. And thanks for your support!

Skin Pack 2

Unlock five additional skins that will take your creations to the next level: Gooey, High Tech, Scales, Non-Slip and Rivets. It is still possible to change the colour of blocks that have these skins equipped. And thanks for your support!