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Hey Trailmakers!

Today we are announcing the release date for Trailmakers 1.0, marking the transition from Early Access to “Full Release”. It’s happening on September 18th!

The 1.0 launch is also our biggest update yet, which is why it has been so long since we last updated the game. We wanted to make something that was deserving of a 1.0, and lives up to your high expectations. The update adds a new game mode that is bigger both in terms of world size and playthrough length than the old Expedition game mode. We’ve also added a lot of new features, blocks, optimizations and bug fixes.

For all our lovely Xbox players out there, there’s an additional grand feature in the 1.0 update which is of course: Multiplayer.

Moving from 0.X to 1.0 can seem like an arbitrary decision, because when is a sandbox game like Trailmakers ever really “done”? We have received so many feature suggestions (find many of them on the Community Suggestion Trello) that we could keep working on this game for 50 years. We are calling this update 1.0 because it’s the biggest one yet, and adds a grand campaign. In our opinion, Trailmakers 1.0 is a complete game.

If you need entertainment while you wait for the launch, head over to our Discord and join the Weekly Challenge competition for a chance to win a trophy in the game. You can read more about the competition in the #announcements channel. We will also be sharing tidbits of information about the details of the next update on Discord and Twitter.