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Hey Trailmakers!

It’s been 1½ months since the release of Trailmakers 1.0. We’ve been so happy to see you enjoy the Stranded in Space campaign, and sharing your fantastic new creations in the Workshop, the Xbox Gallery, and on our Discord. Today, we want to give you a heads up about what we’re working on, and when we expect it is ready for release.

1.0.3 – XBOX AND WIN10

We are currently working hard to get Trailmakers on to the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store version will be cross-platform compatible with Xbox, but not Steam. That means you can play multiplayer with Xbox players if you use the Microsoft Store version of Trailmakers. It will also share in the Xbox Gallery for blueprint uploads. We do not currently have plans for making Steam/Xbox cross-platform multiplayer.


The next content update for Trailmakers on Steam will have a bunch of awesome features as usual. We have also decided to add some DLC content to the game – some of it paid and some of it free. We have very carefully decided what type of content we want to add as DLC because we want it to feel entirely optional. Buy the DLCs if you want to support the development of Trailmakers and future Flashbulb games. Here are some of the new features in this update:

  • We have entirely rewritten the vehicle Welding code. Welding is what happens when you exit the builder, and turn the vehicle from a bunch of blocks into a physics-based creation. We found a huge bug in the old code that caused several issues in the game, such as creations with weird bouncy wheels. The new welding code will fix many annoying bugs and make welding much faster, but also change the way vehicles are put together. It may change the behavior of some of your vehicles, but we felt it was necessary and For The Greater Good™. 
  • We are adding two new sandbox maps. The first one is a completely flat and empty map that many of you have requested to test out the top speed of your vehicles. The second is a paid DLC map with a donut-shaped racing track, and long stretches of tarmac.
  • We are adding a Block Skin feature that changes the texture/material of the block. The changes to the block are only in appearance, not physical. Most of the Block Skins are part of Paid DLC bundles, except the Glass Skin which we are adding as a free skin.
  • And much more…

While we are still working on Trailmakers, we are also working on some unannounced projects that we are not ready to talk about yet. More on that later 🙂