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Trailmakers 1.1 – The Summer Party Update

Attention all Trailmakers! The Summer Party Update has a bunch of extremely requested features like 8-player multiplayer and the angle sensor, but it also features a whole lot of more technical advances we have made the past months. After our summer holidays, we plan on getting right back to working on the next Trailmakers update. There is a lot of great stuff to look forward to in the future, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned 🙂

  • 8 Player Multiplayer – You can now create servers with up to 8 slots in multiplayer. Obviously, this requires a very good PC if you are hosting.
  • Server Host Admin Tools – You can now kick players if you are hosting a multiplayer game. Find it via the in-game menu “Session Options” when you’re hosting.
  • New and Improved Welding – As always when we do welding/physics changes, this will change the way some of your old vehicles behave. Some will be a little different, and others might be completely broken. We do these changes to optimize the game and fix bugs. We believe the changes are for the greater good, and encourage you to redesign broken vehicles.
  • New Steam API should fix a lot of multiplayer/connectivity issues for people who previously had issues with hosting or joining multiplayer games.
  • Your vehicles will now face the same way as your camera when you repair them. 
  • Added spawn points in the water in the Danger Zone, Treasure Island and on Race Island. Boat-owners rejoice!
  • Added a temporary structure invincibility for a short period after leaving the builder.
  • Mod Support (Beta) – If you are interested in modding Trailmakers (at your own risk of course), we have added some pretty rudimentary mod support. We are very interested in hearing from you if you have ideas for further modding features (join the discord).
  • We’ve added analytics to the game to see what players do (and don’t do) in the game so we can make smarter decisions on what content to make in the future. This info is completely anonymous, but if you are uncomfortable with it you can easily opt out the first time you see the pop-up or any time in the Main Menu settings. 
  • Danger Zone once again starts in the daytime. The time of day slider has been moved to the “Session Options” menu.
  • Added a new “Master Builders” section in the Main Menu to showcase the Weekly Challenge and it’s fantastically skilled winners!
  • Added a new background video for the main menu. 
  • Added a few new achievements!
  • Added Korean localization.
  • Reset racing leaderboards due to physics changes rebalancing many vehicles.
  • NEW: Dynamite – hehe, dynamite goes boom
  • NEW: Angle Sensor – This long awaited block finally joins our series of logic/sensors. You customize the block to trigger at a certain angle, sending an output. Perfect for stabilizing various creations.
  • NEW: Block Skin DLC 2 – We have added another DLC Skin Pack to the game with 5 blocks skins. Check them out in your local store, and buy them to support future development of Trailmakers 🙂 The Skins are:
    • Gooey: An organic-looking skin
    • Scales: For the lizard people
    • High Tech: Electronic circuit board surface
    • Non-slip: Metallic non-slip surface
    • Rivets: Perfect for an armored submarine
  • Fix: Hoverpads now work properly when height value is set between 1.1 and 2.0.
  • Fix: The Mini-Thruster, RAW Jet, Dragon Jet, and Gimbal now have sound when active and the player is not in the seat.
  • Hinges and servos now have a “strength” setting. Putting it to 0 essentially makes them free floating bearings.
  • Added the missing 2x2x2 Cone to Stranded in Space
  • The Trailer Hinge has had its springiness and damping adjusted.
  • Fixed the invisible goals on Treasure Island
  • Fixed it so the maker tool’s beam is not visible when you’re in first person
  • Fixed various spots with poor occlusion and missing colliders
  • Fixed some bad template vehicles in Rally and Stranded.
  • Fixed the cursed containers in Danger Zone. You don’t want to know what was inside of them…
  • Fixed the ball in Carball Arena being invisible on lower quality settings.
  • Fixed the CTRL+Y feature that takes a no-background PNG of the structure you are seated in. Try it out!
  • Fixed the Test Drive dialog appearing in Game Modes where it didn’t apply.
  • Fixed the Template Blueprints in Rally having some missing template structure.
  • Fixed the 2×2 Wedge having slightly better aerodynamics than similar blocks.
  • Fixed an issue with video playback on Windows 7.
  • Fixed an issue with Template blueprints not having their names displayed.
  • Fixed the win screen at the end of Stranded in Space displaying minus hours.
  • Fixes for some Salvage within Stranded in Space.
  • Fixed wrong client side position of moving parts after transforming.
  • Fixed an issue with Dethrone displaying an incorrect Template vehicle at the start of a session.
  • Fixed the mirrored text in the start zone of each Rally race.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera getting stuck in place when transforming to a structure without a seat.
  • Fixed the Ship Wheel seat incorrectly being explosive.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ship Wheel that would cause parts of a structure to be invisible after exploding then repairing.
  • Fixed some of the Stranded Template vehicles displaying the controls as unconfigured.
  • Fixed the ramp.