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TRAILMAKERS 1.3 – Blown to Bits (Xbox/PlayStation)

This latest update to Trailmakers on consoles improves how structures break apart with the new Structure Destruction system. Now when a structure takes a hit from an explosive cannon shell for example it will have chunks break off, leading to more satisfying collisions and battles. This combined with our improved damage propagation should greatly increase the enjoyment you get from vehicular combat in the game!

  • Improved Damage Propagation – Layers of blocks will now do more to protect the blocks behind them. This should mean way less one-shot kills from Explosive Cannons (unless the root block of the structure gets a direct hit!)
  • Structure Destruction – Structures will now break into satisfying chunks when taking damage!
  • Explosive damage tweaks – Explosions now do more focused damage over a smaller radius. We felt that explosions were quite simply too powerful and ultimately unsatisfying to use due to their one-shot kill nature. Now explosions will do much more localised damage. This combined with the new damage propagation and structure destruction means vehicular combat is more satisfying than ever.
  • Structure Metadata now transfers across clients – On a server with somebody and you jumped into their structure? The UI will now display the structure and author name alongside the button icons.
  • Blueprints that are over the Complexity Limit can now be spawned in and fixed to be used again. This is mostly relevant if you happen to join a Server which was a lower Complexity limit set.
  • Added a tooltip to the loading spinner when Blueprints are in the process of being loaded.
  • The Tags list in the Gallery is now displayed within a drop down list.
  • We flipped around the order of the Input in the Configurator for more consistency across the game. Negative Axis Input is now on the left side of the Configurator, Postive to the right.
  • Further improvements and optimisations to the bullet system. There‚Äôs now a maximum of 2048 per player + 2048 for unoccupied structures.
  • Improved the bandwidth usage of Logic Blocks.
  • Improved how we render the green connection nubs to indicate where blocks can be placed.
  • Memory Usage optimisations.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause already placed blocks to become unselectable in the builder after particular actions.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to UWP versions of the game that lead to them staying locked at a much lower frame rate than expected.
  • Fixed an issue with Korean Localisation displaying in game.
  • Introduced a fail safe for getting stuck in a death loop within Stranded in Space.
  • Fixed a bug with the Overlapping check failing after detecting more than five block overlaps.
  • Fixed an Oh No that would occur if trying to change a lot of inputs at once.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the structure of another player to despawn if they repaired.
  • Fixed a bug with Author names not displaying the first time you loaded a page in the Gallery.
  • Fixed a bug with Activating Auto Build whilst blocks were already placed in the build context that would lead to a softlock.
  • Fixed an incorrect image being displayed when collecting the first Power Core in Stranded in Space.
  • Fixed some floating trees in Rally Mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the rubber on tires not being rendered after a respawn until the structure moved.
  • Fixed an issue with the Block Preview not displaying in the Customisation screen if playing on lower settings.
  • Fixed a bug with Undo reverting all blocks to the same colour.
  • Fixed Tires being able to be punctured during the invulnerable period after repairing.
  • Fixed the Explosive Barrels getting stuck in a respawn explode loop if they were destroyed from 100m+
  • Fixed the resolution of the Blueprint displayed when editing an uploaded Blueprint being low.
  • Fixed a soft lock that would occur if entering the seat in the same frame that it was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Daily Challenge not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed numerous localisation issues.