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Howdy, Trailmakers!

We’ve been hard at work improving the mirror mode (among other things), and adding new blocks to the game!

Mirror Mode changes

  • Changed the Mirror Mode panel texture to improve visibility
  • Lots of changes & improvements to Mirror Mode

New Blocks

We’ve added new accessory blocks to the base game and new blocks to the High Seas (purchase of High Seas required for these blocks).

New blocks in the base game:

  • Flask
  • Bottle. 
  • Mug
  • Sconce

New blocks for High Seas:

  • New “Old Cannon”. This thing packs a serious punch! It doesn’t work underwater, and projectiles explode on water impact.
  • Ship bell. Ding ding.
  • Ship’s Lantern, for lighting up your ship on those dark nights out at sea.


  • Updated mouse cursor
  • Explosions, both underwater and above the water surface, should now correctly show water splashes and explosion effects.
  • Even more prefabs exposed to modders!
  • Numerous optimizations to the game across the board.
  • Added an option to disable the underwater refraction effect, inside Advanced Graphics
  • Collected artifacts in High Seas now show on the rewards screen
  • Artifact visuals updated in High Seas.
  • Radial Wind in High Seas tweaked to be faster than the whirlpool, so that sailing ships should now be able to escape it.
  • Gigantic cresting waves in High Seas tweaked to be steeper and to push more horizontally (head to the area around the Skull of A’tuun teleport point to check these out)!
  • The Skybox in High Seas should now gradually be replaced as you head deeper underwater.


  • Loading into High Seas with a modded structure (above the complexity limit) will now cause the modded structure to not load in, so the game does not crash
  • Getting stuck after repeated deaths in High Seas should no longer occur
  • Jumping from small heights in High Seas is less lethal & more fair now
  • Treasure chests in High Seas should no longer incorrectly show the closed state after having been looted
  • The Speed Sensor should now correctly take into account the speed of the block, rather than the weld group it is attached to
  • The green connection nubs now correctly updates when moving a grouped selection of blocks
  • A bug when using a controller and spawning in / selecting a structure while the aerodynamic arrows are enabled has been fixed
  • Flows where you could get stuck in the builder in Mirror Mode have been fixed
  • Issues with spawning in non-symmetrical creations and enabling Mirror Mode have been fixed
  • Non-symmetrical structures being spawned in will no longer be placed at the bottom of the builder view if Mirror Mode is enabled
  • The time of day in-game will now progress correctly while inside the builder
  • Text color in the builder drop down menus is no longer mismatched
  • The Bubble Maker now correctly makes bubbles again
  • F8 now correctly takes a single 4k screenshot, instead of two 8k screenshots (which should prevent crashes)
  • F8 now captures waves in High Seas screenshots correctly
  • The sun should no longer be visible whilst very deep underwater
  • Rain and Snow shaders have been optimized
  • Undo should now correctly undo a rotate if you deselect the rotated block and select another
  • Situations where repairs end up killing the player should no longer occur
  • Dust / sand kicked up by the beast of the deep should no longer be visible above water
  • The Tractor Beam will no longer play its start / stop sound when entering the builder, when respawning or when repairing
  • The Hover block should no longer play its audio when turned off
  • Chickens should no longer float above the terrain
  • Mirror Mode no longer rotates incorrectly vertically when using a controller
  • Button Hints no longer disappear off-screen after finishing a race or handing in a piece of salvage or an artifact
  • Missing terrain details in Rally have been found & fixed
  • The Server Game Mode list now shows High Seas in the same session you bought the DLC
  • The So Attractive Achievement / Trophy is no longer incorrectly awarded from Containers and Artifacts.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Join us on our Discord to discuss the update!