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Hi, Trailmakers!

With the release of High Seas on console, we wanted to share an overview of some of the new content & changes to the game, to let you get your bearings in the new High Seas map.

New Features in the base game + High Seas:

  • Mirror Mode
    • Build symmetrical structures faster & easier with the Mirror Mode in the builder! Build one side of your structure, and watch the builder automatically fill out the other!
    • Mirror Mode is available both in the base game and in High Seas.
  • Improved drag model to improve the experience of sailing in game.
  • Centrifuge Map
    • The Centrifuge map has been moved to Race Island, to make room for the High Seas in the main menu.
  • Magnet Block
    • The Magnet Block is now the Tractor Beam! It has a wider beam of attraction than the magnet block to catch things more easily. It is also slightly less likely to cause self-collisions when picking up items.

High Seas Overview:

Explore the new map in High Seas, and uncover all the secrets!

  • New Wind, Weather & Waves physics system – get ready to experience new challenges in traversing the world in our new sandbox map!
  • Four distinct island areas to explore, each with their own artifacts to find. Find them all to unlock the four new trophy blocks!
  • Treasure Chests! Expand on your hoard, or use the extra gold you find in these treasure chests to buy vanity blocks.
  • Animal life
    • The High Seas are more dangerous to traverse than our other maps- look out for the wildlife!
  • New blocks
    • Explore the new hull blocks, sails, a new seat & more!
  • New hats
  • New Secrets to uncover.