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Community News

A newspaper with the words "Community News" superimposed over it, with the Trailmakers character for the Flashbulb Community Manager, Mikkel off to the right side.

Community News

Hi, Trailmakers!

We recently got a redesign on this site, and one of the features I was most excited about was this – our own corner of the site, dedicated entirely to the Trailmakers community!

My plan for the Community page is to showcase all the amazing things you do as a community – both to heap praise on all the things you do, but to help expose them to more views, and to help new members of the community find the best of all things Trailmakers!

On another note, I recently hosted a casual livestream, where I spent a bit of time answering questions from the viewers, and they all seemed very happy with being able to ask specific questions & get answers (to the best of my ability, any way). Hosting Q&A sessions for the community is an idea I’ve been toying with for a while, because there are a few drawbacks to how feedback is handled right now:

1. Your feedback is spread out across various platforms and times
2. It isn’t super visible to you when I go through feedback collected on various platforms and give it to the team.

Besides being a useful tool for me to share information about the wants and wishes from you, the community, with the mathemagicians on the development team, I also think it’s important not only that you feel heard as a community, but that you are heard.

My current plan is to host the Q&A sessions a few times a year, and then have different themes for the sessions. It could be specific feedback about an update, Ask Me Anything sessions with developers, or general feedback from you all about where Trailmakers is right now (or something completely different).

I hope you’ll enjoy the new Community page – I can’t wait to focus a bit more on y’all as a community!