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How to build a Helicopter in Trailmakers

build helicopter tutorial in Trailmakers

How to build a Helicopter in Trailmakers

Helicopters are cool vehicles. We all agree on that. And we can agree on this too: they can be pretty tricky to build. But it’s so satisfying once you learn how to build a functional one!

In this tutorial, LittleCornDogs shows us how to build a Helicopter in Trailmakers. Take a look to learn how to shape, balance and power your Helicopter:

Take aerodynamics into account. As for any flying vehicle, aerodynamics have a crucial role to play. A Sharp front is a must for your helicopter. You can activate the Aerodynamics tool to easily check how good your vehicle is doing.

Perfectly balanced, as all things must be. For balance purposes, you’ll need to use weight blocks in your Helicopter. Positioning them as the roof of your vehicle could be a good idea. Not using them would probably lead to an uncontrollable creation. And being uncontrollable while on air… Well, it can be dangerous.

How to train your dragon power your helicopter. Using only 1 Helicopter Engine can bring some unwanted results: the spinning force of the engine would make your vehicle rotate out of control. Using 2 engines spinning in opposite directions will create the up force needed to fly while counteracting the rotation. Check minute 4:15 of the video to watch LittleCornDogs’ demonstration. And an extra trick regarding the force set up of each one!

Setting up the steering. Use Helicopter Engines positioned as seen in the video (3:39) for leaning front and back. That should help massively with your manoeuvrability. For turning, it is a good idea to include a new Helicopter Engine under the other too, as seen in 4:05 of the video.Try to fly with and without. It makes a huge difference.

With that implemented, don’t forget to add vertical and horizontal stabilisers. Tailfins can help, and even small wings can be used in a creative way for this purpose.

Did you like the tutorial? Is there anything else you’d like to learn about building?

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