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Trailmakers new expansion: Airborne

Trailmakers new expansion: Airborne

Hello builder 🛠️

Get ready for a new Trailmakers Expansion: Airborne

  • Biggest map in Trailmakers universe 🗺️
  • New Campaign and Story 🖋️
  • New Combat mechanics & Weapons 🔫
  • Enemies (Air Pirates) 🏴‍☠️
  • Friendly NPCs 💛
  • New blocks & wings 🛩️
  • …and more 😎
Buy Now Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion

Airborne Expansion and 1.6 Update: Wings and Weapons are out now! Both the free update and the expansion heavily build on the experience of being a world class aviator and fighter pilot. Take to the skies, conquer the clouds and get rid of the evil pirates that control the wild blue yonder.

Mission-based campaign

Experience Trailmakers in a new way. The mission-based campaign of Trailmakers: Airborne will send you on quests to rescue Chirpos, bomb heavily defended pirate bases and engage with enemy dog fighters! Every completed mission rewards you with new blocks to further expand your block and weapon arsenal in reclaiming the Chirpos’ homeworld.

  • Complete missions to unlock crucial blocks
  • Journey through the different areas of increasing difficulty
  • Explore different designs to take on the varied missions across Trailmakers: Airborne

The Ancient legend 

The newest Trailmakers expansion will revolve around a population, struggling to survive due to fierce attacks on the islands where our friendly Chirpos live. Luckily, the attackers’ ship crashed. But Pirates have launched raids through the islands to gather materials for repairing their mothership, taking apart the lively villages. Those attackers have set up a powerful energy shield protecting their mothership and it is said that only a secret weapon of ancient legends can destroy it.

Air Pirates

The Campaign of Trailmakers: Airborne transports the player to the Chirpo homeworld that is undergoing a devastating invasion by Robot Pirates. This new adventure shakes things up in Trailmakers with the introduction of enemies that you are tasked with bringing down in a mission-based campaign. Read below for a deep dive into the enemy types of Trailmakers: Airborne.

The Air Balloon will be the first type of enemy you will encounter. The basic version of this enemy is armed with a mounted gun while the stronger version wields a Flak Cannon. Stay above this enemy if you want to avoid catching bullets.

Ground based vehicle built to traverse the desert dunes of Trailmakers: Airborne. Mind your distance when chasing Pirate Speeders. If you get too close they will start dropping bombs and it ain’t truth-bombs. It’s “BOOM! There goes your vehicle”-bombs.

Flak Cannons

Robot Pirates sullied the Chirpo world by installing Flak Cannons across the once peaceful realm. Its primary function is to fill the sky with explosions forcing all airborne resistance to continuously change flight patterns to endure and survive.

Robot Pirates take to the skies in highly agile fighter planes. Armed with mounted machine guns for air combat and bombs to take on ground targets.

Pirate Bases are heavily fortified fortresses which are defended by an energy shield that needs to be taken down in order to attack the fragile structure within. You will be tasked with bombing the shield generators powering the shield. Oh, and you must do it while being shot at by the Flak Cannons installed on the bases. And don’t forget about the flying Robot Pirates chasing you. In other words: You have your work cut out for you!

Our biggest map ever

The new Trailmakers expansion will take place in a brand new map: the biggest that we ever made! This new campaign experience will be focused on air vehicles. And there is a good reason: you’ll be travelling through a group of islands floating up in the sky. To complete all missions you’ll need to master the art of flight.

Every region will challenge your skills: from the green floating islands of Skylands to the threatening Ancient Dunes where big remains of archaic creatures rest. The level of danger varies from zone to zone. You’ll have a reasonably calm time around the village of Driftvile, but the adventure gets more risky the more you approach the Pirate Peak. Get ready to fight them!

Airborne villages

Villages? In Trailmakers? Yes, that’s correct.

For the very first time, this campaign includes villages that you can explore. Each of them has unique architecture, aesthetic and feeling. In addition, in certain areas of the map you can find buildings that were once magnificent. Search well to find The Eye of the Needle, the old satellite dish and many other secrets to uncover.

Meet the Chirpos

In Trailmakers: Airborne, your mission is to help the Chirpos reclaim their homeworld from the Robot Pirates. Your objective is to secure the different areas and help the Chirpos return home. Also, each village in Trailmakers: Airborne is run by a Mayor. Players will talk to the Mayors and receive missions to rescue Chirpos and fight enemies that roam the areas around their hometowns.