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Get your Chirpo Plushie!

Get your Chirpo Plushie!

Heads up, Trailmakers – something cute is heading your way!

The Chirpos are migrating into your homes. We have just launched the Chirpo plushie through our friends at Makeship! 

Get your Chirpo Plushie here: https://shop.makeship.com/45KTT8R

We already have one at the office and our totally unbiased opinion is that it’s the plushie to rule them all. Good size, dashing colors, and that goofy ahh Chirpo face we have all come to adore. 

Here’s how it works:

We need to sell 200 Chirpos to “fund” the plushie. If the threshold is not met, the Chirpos won’t be sent and everyone will naturally be refunded (just like on Kickstarter).

If the project is funded the Chirpos will be released into the wild (or your bedrooms). The campaign is now live, click here to get yours!.

Trailmakers Chirpo plush