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1.7 Spacebound Update is out now!

Trailmakers Spacebound Update

1.7 Spacebound Update is out now!

Welcome to Space, Trailmakers
Long have you waited since we announced 1.7 Spacebound and we are happy to inform you that your time among the stars has arrived.

The update is now live for all players.

Here is what the update has to offer:

1.7 Spacebound introduces a variety of new space-themed blocks.

Quantum Rudder
The most important block when it comes to spaceflight. The Quantum Rudder simulates drag in the vacuum of space. Highly recommended for all spaceships as you will find controlling and maneuvering extremely difficult without it.
Gyro and Gyro Stabilizer

The Gyro helps you with rotation and yaw. Place the Gyro on the axis on which you want your spaceship to turn and bind your controls accordingly. The Gyro Stabilizer comes equipped with an arrow on top of it. Whichever way that arrow points, your spaceship will automatically adjust you to point that direction.

Space Thruster

What’s space without new thrusters? The Space Thruster looks and sounds like a spaceship and the modest size makes it a block that is easy to deal and decorate with.

Energy Shield

One of the most unique blocks we have ever added to the game. The Energy Shield provides half a sphere of protection against incoming projectiles. Equip two of them for that full 360 degree protection.

The shield’s size and shape is customizable to fit tightly around your spaceship. It has HP which is audibly visualized by an increasing pitch that lets you know when your shield is about to break. A broken shield will slowly re-generate.

Blasters and Mini-Blasters

Get ready for the true Star Wars-experience with colorful lasers that go pew pew pew. The color of the blaster shots can be changed to fit your style. They sound good, they feel good, and they look good! The Mini-Blaster is the younger sibling of the Blasters without the auto-aim.


The most sci-fi looking gun of them all. The EMP doesn’t do damage but it does a lot of other fun stuff! It one-shots shields and if it hits an unshielded spaceship it has a chance to scramble the inputs of that vehicle – making the affected ship uncontrollable and unreliable for a short while.

Space Fighter Seat (DLC)

Get comfortable in the slickest cockpit in the galaxy and use it as a throne from where you rule the Space Sector.

Rocket Engine (DLC)

A huge rocket engine inspired by the Saturn V rocket engines. This bad boy packs a punch and eats escape velocities for breakfast.

Cosmetic blocks (DLC)
  • 4x Antenna blocks.
  • 3x Greeble Blocks
Trailmakers: Space Voyager Pack

A new map has appeared in Trailmakers: Space Sector.
This map is BY FAR the biggest map ever introduced in Trailmakers complete with a space station, asteroid fields, a huge spaceship, and four different planets.


Your gateway to space! This Chirpo-built space station is the frontier of space exploration. Learn about the different planets, read up on crucial spaceflight-technology, and fly out into the stars.

The biggest planet in Space Sector – almost the size of the entire Airborne map.


A vast and dry desert with what appears to be coral reefs, hinting at a more moist past. Plenty of loot hidden around all the nooks and crannies of Doon and plenty of craters and rings to fly through for the stunt aviators out there. Make yourself a durable rover and go exploring, plenty of things to find. Oh, and stay away from the gigantic hole with teeth – or don’t, we are game developers not the fun-police.


More lush than its dry neighbor, Myco Terra is covered in fungi – big and small. The Chirpos seem to have taken an interest in the small blue ones. Perhaps that’s where they get their blue hue from?

Take a nap under the big mushroom caps or go exploring. Legends say that the planet is hollow. Is there a way in there perhaps?


This is more of an asteroid than a planet but it’s no less exciting to explore. The completely hollow center bathes you in hauntingly beautiful crystal light.


If you’re going to Nassau, best go prepared. This moon-like rock is completely infested with Space Pirates that have set up their base complete with EMP cannons and a swarm of fighters with a “shoot first ask later” mentality. Take them out, shut down their shields and bask in an abundance of loot. You earned it!

Trailmakers now offer 36 colors. That’s 5x times more colors than a rainbow has. Hell yeah.

Apply them in a brand-new and overhauled customization UI.

You can also choose a hat, outfit and color each piece individually on the items that support it and you choose your skin and hair color now.

With the Space Voyager Pack DLC you get access to even more customization with three new space-themed outfits:

Space Pirate

Join the darkside and plunder the Asteroid Sector.


For the minimalistic explorer with a sticky little reference for the culturally illuminated.

Star Fighter

We get it. You love dogfighting. Well, bring your Space Top Gun aesthetics with you to the final frontier with Star Fighter suit

Also:Two new block styles: Hexagon and Glowgrid and 18 new glowing decals.

  • Visual improvements to the sinking wheels.
  • Players will now automatically enter the seat of their Structure when leaving Build Mode with it.
  • Numerous modding improvements (Steam only) – more details below!
  • Updated aiming reticles. Now each type of weapon has unique reticles and a reload UI.
  • Added Gravity Slider to supported game modes.
  • Added Invincibility toggle to supported game modes.
  • Added Block Banning functionality for server hosts. As the host just right click the block you want to ban in the builder inventory.
  • Added server setting to hide names of players on other teams.
  • Added a distance indicator next to player names in Multiplayer.
  • Increased the Max Power Core limit for servers from 30 to 100.
  • Server host can now change the Power Core Limit from within the Session Settings options.
  • You’ll now hear flyby sounds from other structures.
  • Player Names are now visible regardless of distance.
  • Reworked the ambiance sounds in Danger Zone and Treasure Island.
  • Reworked the sound effects of the Treasures Hunts and Mini Games in Treasure Island and Danger Zone.
  • Added in game options for changing controller sensitivity and deadzone.
  • Added a toggle in Settings to Hide UI.
  • Updated some of the Main Menu Game Mode tiles with new images.
  • Improved the interior of both the Cockpit and Spaceship seats.
  • Headguards removed from Operator Seat for a better first person experience.
  • Added toggle in block configurator to disable smoke from jets that produce smoke.
  • Using the Detachable Block will no longer trigger the “Broken” message. Rejoice, 0 drag fans!
  • Added toggle in block configurator to hide aiming reticule on weapons.
  • You can now configure the speed of Propeller Blocks.
  • Dispensed Beach Balls now float on water.
Weapon Tweaks

Large Cannon
Now has auto aim (Angle 20)
Blast damage 400 -> 1200
Blast force 300 -> 600

Gunpowder Cannon
Blast damage 400 -> 1200
Blast force 300 -> 600

Tank Cannon
Power Core cost 3 -> 2
Reload Time 3 -> 4
Blast radius 10 -> 15
Blast damage 400 -> 1500
Blast force 300 -> 800

Bomb Bay
Blast damage 400 -> 1500
Blast force 300 -> 800

Smart Cannon
Recoil 9 -> 4

Tiny Cannon
Recoil 2 -> 4 (to match other projectile weapons)
Fire rate, clip size and reload time set to match Smart Cannon.

Recoil 9 – 4

Rocket Launcher
Auto Aim Angle 25 -> 20
Blast damage 300 -> 1000
Blast force 200 -> 500
Complexity Cost decreased from 5 > 3

Dynamite explosions are now twice as powerful as regular large explosions.

Tweaks to seat health!


  • You will die a lot less from driving into stuff.
  • Invincible seats are not invincible anymore.
  • Different seats have more uniform health now, to have it be more of a style choice, instead of always having to choose armored seat for combat.

    Standard Seats
    Health 500 -> 1000
    Bike Seat & Go Kart Seat
    Health 400 -> 1000

Armored Seat
Health Infinite -> 1500
Cannot die from impact in this seat.

Space Cockpit
Health Infinite -> 1000

  • New and improved block rotation UI.
  • There is a Weapons Category now! (Removed the Lights Category and moved those blocks into Gadgets).
  • Removed the beta tag from Mirror Mode. As part of 1.7 we have made many fixes to known issues related to Mirror Mode and have made improvements too, so we feel it’s the right time to remove the beta tag from it.
  • You can now set toggles on blocks whilst in Mirror Mode and it will correctly mirror.
  • You can now add multiple blocks to a selected group at once by holding down CTRL and then drag selecting the blocks you want to add to that group.
  • Advanced dropdown option renamed to Tools.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Keybind inputs not properly being unregistered from logic gates.
  • Fixed lights and other toggleable blocks sometimes being on after a repair/respawn.
  • Fixed the monster blueprint that would happen if opening the colour picker or configurator whilst blueprints were loading.
  • Numerous Mirror Mode bug fixes.
  • Fixed the ‘Vehicle Unconfigured’ bug when using Detachable Blocks and/or Dynamite with changed keybindings.
  • Fixed a bug where Undo’ing after placing a block in the Builder would not undo it on the first press.
  • Stopped the Green Artifact by the Whirlpool falling in without player interaction.
  • Fixed a bug with revealed Block Crates not correctly appearing on the compass in Airborne.
  • Improved the error messaging for when a Workshop upload fails because you need to sign the Steam ToS.
  • Fixed the Workshop/Gallery buttons breaking if you had a large complexity structure in the builder and tried to spawn in another via the “Spawn in Builder” button in the Workshop.
  • Fixed some cases where the Aileron blocks would spawn in facing the wrong direction.
  • Fixed some colour bleed issues across the different tailfin blocks.
  • Fixed the Wind Propeller block stopping spinning after game was paused.
  • Fixed not being able to zoom in/out Sticky Orbit Camera.
  • Fixed a bug with high FoVs slowly transitioning to the correct FoV whenever you switched from 3rd to 1st person.
  • Fixed some of the Main Menu tile images being stretched.
  • Fixed a bug where the Blueprint Inventory would jump to the start position if scrolled through before it was done loading.
  • Fixed a bug where some Accessory Blocks did not have the right amount of health set.
  • Fixed being able to repair using a Repair Token whilst holding the Crown in Dethrone game mode.
  • Fixed cases of pressing Enter to submit text/values in the Configurator, browsing Workshop or saving Blueprints whilst on a Multiplayer server also bringing up in game chat.
  • Fixed cases of the Block Inventory appearing empty in Stranded in Space.
  • Fixed a case on console where you could lock yourself in the first time tutorial if you cleared your profile data whilst being at the Blueprint cap.
  • Fixed auto assigned template structures from Stranded and Airborne not correctly getting saved.
  • Fixed the Pirate Speeders in Airborne leaving behind their boost particles if killed whilst using them.
  • Fixed some Z-Fighting on the Pushers in Danger Zone.
  • Fixed Spawn Rotation on a selection of blocks that spawned in the wrong direction.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to the console Gallery experience.
  • Fixed cases of the UI going out of screen bounds when playing in certain languages.
  • Fixed cases of the mouse cursor getting stuck on screen after being in a session with mods.
  • Fixed the character not returning to the seated animation if changing outfits whilst seated.
  • Fixed cases of the character hat vanishing after transforming.