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Author: trailmakers

Hey Trailmakers! It’s been 1½ months since the release of Trailmakers 1.0. We’ve been so happy to see you enjoy the Stranded in Space campaign, and sharing your fantastic new creations in the Workshop, the Xbox Gallery, and on our Discord. Today, we want to give you a heads up about what we’re working

The 1.0 update is the biggest and greatest update to Trailmakers we have ever made. For returning players, it will feel both familiar and like a brand new game as we have added tons of new blocks and a brand new massive campaign. For new players, it has never been easier to get

Hey Trailmakers!Today we are announcing the release date for Trailmakers 1.0, marking the transition from Early Access to “Full Release”. It’s happening on September 18th!The 1.0 launch is also our biggest update yet, which is why it has been so long since we last updated the game. We wanted to make something that

When we decided to remove the Expedition from the game and add the Rally game mode, we knew it would be a controversial decision. We did not do it lightheartedly, but because we thought it would make the game better. Our reasons for removing the Expedition have not changed: The problem solving was too

It’s been a long time underway, but the Rally Update is finally here. There are a ton of changes to Trailmakers - adding a new game mode, removing another game mode, rebalancing a lot of blocks, and much more. GENERAL We have added a new game mode called Trailmakers Rally.The Rally serves as an introductory