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TRAILMAKERS 1.3 - Blown to Bits (Xbox/PlayStation) This latest update to Trailmakers on consoles improves how structures break apart with the new Structure Destruction system. Now when a structure takes a hit from an explosive cannon shell for example it will have chunks break off, leading to more satisfying collisions and battles. This combined

TRAILMAKERS 1.3 - MOD MAKERS With this latest update to Trailmakers we’re adding Steam Workshop support for Mods and bringing along some much requested Quality of Life features. It is now easier than ever to modify your game and try out Mods made by the Trailmakers Community! Want to change Gravity? Or perhaps create

TRAILMAKERS 1.2 - PERFECT PITCH The trails are alive with the sound of music! But the new Tone Generator block is not the only great addition to Trailmakers in this update. We have made a ton of improvements to the builder, reworked the bullet system, and added some highly requested features to modding. Check out

Trailmakers 1.1 - The Summer Party Update Attention all Trailmakers! The Summer Party Update has a bunch of extremely requested features like 8-player multiplayer and the angle sensor, but it also features a whole lot of more technical advances we have made the past months. After our summer holidays, we plan on getting right

Pop the confetti cannon and rev your engines! We have just launched Trailmakers on the PS4!🎉 Have a friend who's been waiting for this release? Do us a huge favor and tell them! It helps us a lot 😍The PlayStation version has feature parity with the PC and the Xbox versions of Trailmakers. That

Trailmakers 1.0.4 - The Centrifuge Update The 1.0.4 update is out now on PC and Xbox, and it features a bunch of new awesome stuff for Trailmakers. First off, we want to address the new Centrifuge Map. This was originally planned to be a paid DLC map in this update. We have decided to

Hey Trailmakers! It’s been 1½ months since the release of Trailmakers 1.0. We’ve been so happy to see you enjoy the Stranded in Space campaign, and sharing your fantastic new creations in the Workshop, the Xbox Gallery, and on our Discord. Today, we want to give you a heads up about what we’re working

Hey Trailmakers!Today we are announcing the release date for Trailmakers 1.0, marking the transition from Early Access to “Full Release”. It’s happening on September 18th!The 1.0 launch is also our biggest update yet, which is why it has been so long since we last updated the game. We wanted to make something that