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Microsoft Store

If you’re playing on the Microsoft Store version of the game and you’re stuck on Loading Profile, the following may help. Press the Windows Key and search for Trailmakers. Right click the App Icon that appears and go to App Settings. Now choose Reset. This will clear the wgs folder and the next time you start the game it will Sync with Xbox Live and download them again.Failing that, try the following –

Restart your PC.

Restart your Router.

Make sure your Windows is fully up to date. This is super important because when Microsoft push changes to their Xbox Live core services in here, it may affect your ability to play Microsoft Store games – so they need to be up to date.

Open the Microsoft Store and check for any pending updates in here. This is another place Microsoft might push updates for background services that Xbox Live relies on.

Make sure the game is allowed through your Firewall and any Anti Virus you may have. – Ensure you’re playing on an account with Admin privileges.


This issue is probably caused by a problem with the Steam login token. 

To fix it, please try to do the following:

Log out of Steam.

Close Steam completely (make sure it’s not running in Task Manager)

Restart your PC

Sign in to Steam again

Following these steps should fix the issue, but please don’t hesitate to contact us again if it did not!