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Trailmakers 1.0.4 – The Centrifuge Update

The 1.0.4 update is out now on PC and Xbox, and it features a bunch of new awesome stuff for Trailmakers. First off, we want to address the new Centrifuge Map. This was originally planned to be a paid DLC map in this update. We have decided to add it to the game for free instead. After finishing development of the map, we decided that the relatively small size of the map disqualifies it as a paid map DLC. Consider it a Christmas present.

Some other highlights from the rest of the update notes are a new Test Zone map, an Anchor Block, glass block skin and a first person character camera. We hope you enjoy this update to Trailmakers.

    • You asked for it, and here it is. A completely empty map except for the ground you drive on.
  • NEW MAP: Centrifuge Map
    • This map features a huge donut-shaped racing track, and long stretches of tarmac. 
Trailmakers Centrifuge Map
  • Christmas in the Danger Zone (ENDS DECEMBER 31st)
    • We put the fan-favorite snowy island back into the Danger Zone.
    • The packages are for you, but you might already have what’s in them. No returns!
    • B I G   S N O W B O Y
  • We have entirely rewritten the vehicle Welding code. 
    • Welding is what happens when you exit the builder, and turn the vehicle from a bunch of blocks into a physics-based creation. 
    • We found a huge bug in the old code that caused several issues in the game, such as creations with weird bouncy wheels. 
    • The new welding code will fix many annoying bugs and make welding much faster, but also change the way vehicles are put together. It may change the behavior of some of your vehicles, but we felt it was necessary and For The Greater Good™.
  • We have added a first person camera when you are NOT in a seat. Press C/Right Stick to switch between first person and third person.
  • We have added character customization options so you can choose between the character models with crash helmets, and the pre-rally look of hat and goggles.
  • Threw in some blue and red barrels in the Danger Zone for good measure.
  • We have added an 8th vehicle camera called “Behind Seat Camera” that is perfect for driving in the Centrifuge. The game will automatically switch over to this camera when you start a Centrifuge race.
  • Renamed Sandbox Island to Treasure Island since there are now quite a few sandbox maps.
  • 日本語翻訳を追加 ! Added JAPANESE translation!
  • The racing leaderboards have been reset due to the welding changes.
  • DLC: Hats!
    • We have put 13 hats in a Hat Pack DLC. The hats are: Chicken Bucket, Leprechaun Hat, Monocle and Moustache, Black Cowboy Hat, Plague Mask, Jack-o’-lantern, Roman Soldier Helmet, Thirst Aid Beer Helmet, Tiki Mask, Top Hat, Viking Helmet, Welding Helmet, and a Wizard Hat.
Trailmakers Hats DLC
  • Reworked Rigid Body Synchronizer – this should slightly improve CPU performance.
  • We made some optimisations around the blueprints and how they’re loaded/displayed in the builder.
  • Skins is a new feature in the builder. It lets you add a texture to certain blocks (but not all of them). 
  • Glass skin can now be selected as a Skin.
Trailmakers Glass Skin
  • We have added a few new colors in the color-picker for all blocks and adjusted some of the “old” colors.
  • We have made the “hitboxes” more precise in the builder so it’s easier to select a block that is behind another block.
  • When loading in a blueprint that uses blocks or skins you do not own, we have added a new menu that lists which blocks/skins you are missing, and gives you the option to remove them or buy them.
  • DLC: Skins
    • We have put 5 other skins in a Skins DLC. The skins are: Camouflage, Glow, Wood, Brick and Metallic. People without this DLC can still download and import skinned vehicles, but as with locked accessory blocks you can’t edit the vehicle until you reskin the blocks to something you own. In Sandbox Mode you can exit the builder and use the vehicle, but not modify it.
  • NEW: Anchor Pin – Creates a connection between whatever it is connected to, and whatever it touches. For example, you can use it to pin down a house you have built.
  • Damping and Stiffness now go up to 2 in the settings on Suspension Springs.
  • Made the Skis work slightly better on snow and sand.
  • The Shield 2×1, Shield 2×2, and Shield 2×4 now have two different “Skins” so you can select which diagonal to split the two color selections.
Trailmakers Diagonal Shield Plate Skin
  • Issues related to wobbly wheels or creations with very weak hinges should be fixed with the new welding code.
  • Fixed the Gimbal Jet particles.
  • Stranded in Space now makes backups of previous saves so you can rollback if you get into a broken save state.
  • Fixed a bug where repairing or entering the builder while swimming would sometimes send you to the bottom of the ocean.
  • If you exit the builder with a vehicle while over another built structure such as a ramp or platform you have made, it will no longer clip into the structure but land gently on top of it.
  • Fixed the vehicles sinking in the deck on the aircraft carrier in the Danger Zone.
  • Crash fixes for particular multiplayer Join and Leave flows.
  • Fixed the ramp.
  • Repairing and Respawning in quick succession leading to a black screen
  • Rotating blocks with D-Pad also assigning to transformation slots.
  • Teleporting on Sandbox Maps not despawning the original structure.
  • Sound Effects lowering when entering Build Mode whilst the Block Unlock or Spaceship Progress UI is displayed.
  • Numerous memory optimizations and crash fixes.