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1.8 and Rescue Pack Live Now!

Rescue Pack and 1.8 Update Trailmakers

1.8 and Rescue Pack Live Now!

For the past month we have shown you every dinghy, every flare, every truss, and firework rocket that comes with the 1.8 update and the Rescue Pack. 

And now the time has come for you to be the hero. 

1.8: Waves, Camera, Action! and Rescue Pack are now LIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS

Let’s go over all the features and blocks!


Cinematic Camera

Good news for Content Creators and fan-film enthusiasts. You can do much more with the camera now. But it’s kind of a show-it-don’t-tell-it feature so to refresh your memory here is the Cinematic Camera trailer:

Player Event Feed

The brand-new Player Event Feed (more commonly known as a kill feed) is ready to enhance your PvP experience.  The server will now inform you if:
  • Player is killed by another player
  • Player is ejected from their seat
  • Player is blown up by another player
  • Player teleports
  • Player respawns (backspace) 
  • Player is building

Adjustable Waves

We are adding waves to all maps in Trailmakers and a setting to adjust them based on how intense you want them to be.

You can turn them off completely (like they are per default right now).

You can set them to “Calm” giving you nice, regular waves. 

… or you can set them to “Intense” to give you that rough middle-of-pacific-ocean-during-a-hurricane feeling. 

Note: The latter setting requires the High Seas expansion (but it’s one sale!)

New blocks!

  • 2×2 Truss Block
  • 2×8 Truss Block
  • Fireworks Block

Expanded skin support on blocks

We cleaned up the block skins and added support for (almost) all skins on (almost) all blocks.  The skins have also gotten a make-over to better line up on your builds and eliminate weird edges and unaligned patterns.

Race Island has a new Island!

We’ve added a new island to Race Island with a bunch of new tracks. We have more things planned for this but we are not saying more about that for now. In the meantime, enjoy a fresh change of scenery!  Take look at this video by Whemplar and lukkram from our Content Creator Program from the new island:


Make yourself the hero

With a long list of new rescue-themed blocks, there is no end to the scenarios you can invent alone or with your friends. Build a rescue helicopter with the new Tail Propeller and Tail Fin Stabilizer and respond to a Signal Flare being sent up by a Dinghy in distress. Build a Police Vehicle complete with Emergency Lights and Sirens and chase a Thief on the run…

After all, Trailmakers is a game of innovation and creativity. All we do is provide the parts – and in this case the parts are there to elevate your experience of rescue and heroism. Go be a hero!

New Costumes

  • Fire Fighter
  • Police Officer
  • High Visibility Outfit
  • Thief

New Cosmetic Blocks

  • Emergency Light
  • Fire Truck Siren
  • Signal Flare

New Functional Blocks

  • Ship’s Keel
  • Ship’s Bow
  • Dinghy Side
  • Dinghy Bow
  • Tail Propeller
  • Large Stabilizer

and of course rescue-themed decals to complete your rescue aesthetics.